About Us
  • Welcome to the World Famous Pitfall Kennels!

    We are a prestigious kennel tucked away on 25 acres down in the south west parts of Atlanta, Ga. We have been breeding and raising pitbulls/ bullies since the early 90’s and have lots of experience and knowledge to offer about this wonderful breed. In the many years of breeding we have seen this wonderful dog evolve in many different ways. Here at Pitfall Kennels we have always made our main goal in breeding is to produce the most sound minded loyal friend, companion and new addition to the family. This comes from all our dogs being treated as pets first and getting all the socialization needed. These dogs require a lot of attention and affection. Remember the more love these dogs are given is going to be the result of them giving three times the love right back. Healthy dogs and pups are our #1 concern. We will never breed or sale any pups or adult dogs if it is not 100% healthy. All pups are given their first set of shots and deworming before leaving the compound for its new home. Once the pup reaches its new home the owner has 48 hours to have the pup examined by a certified vet. If the pup is diagnosed as having a serious life threatening illness then you must contact us immediately. The pup may be returned for another pup of equal value with a written diagnosis from a licensed vet. There will be NO REFUNDS for vet bills or shipping fees. If the pup is ill after the given time period all liabilities are the responsibility of the purchaser. If the pup does happen to aquire a genetic defect that is life threatening before the age of 6 months which is traced back to the breeding then the pup may be swapped out for another pup of the same cost. There will have to be at least 2 diagnosis from different vets sent to the breeder. If the pup is over 6 months then this liability expires.Feel free to contact me for any quetions regarding pups available at Pitfall Kennels.

    • Serious Inquires Only
    • Shipping – Shipping is usually $350 unless the pup is being shipped internationally
    • Deposits – Deposits are from $500 to $1000 depending on the litter. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be
      transferred to another litter.