The Kennel
  • We take pride in the care for all of our dogs and puppies. Please view our beautiful kennel that we have and see for yourself. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Big Junior
    Mista Vegas

    Pitfall Kennels is a premium kennel that was established back in the early 90’s by Grammy Award winning rapper/actor Big Boi (Antwan Patton) of the legendary group Outkast, along with his brother James Patton. They had a vision of creating a superior kennel that would top all the rest but it would take a lot of time and energy to accomplish this goal. Pitfall Kennels is not your average kennel (i.e. I have a few dogs chained in the back yard so I have a kennel); Oh no, here we have a state of the art kennel that spreads across 25 acres on the south side of Atlanta, GA. It was built by one of the best architectural developers located in the city. There are three different set ups here at Pitfall Kennels.

    The first part of the kennel is what is called the main quarters. This is where all the dogs get their own section in which they can either enjoy outside sunlight and fresh air or just relax on the inside of the kennel. The inside is controlled by a sliding door that can be raised to let them in and out. This part also has its own drain system for easy cleaning. This means the dogs are always in a clean and sanitary environment. This also eliminates sicknesses related to dogs not being kept in those conditions. There is also a central air and heating unit in the main quarters to keep the dogs comfortable at any time of the year.

    The second section is the whelping and nursing facility. Here, our mothers are isolated from the other dogs so they are comfortable and have a stress free pregnancy. The mothers are given vitamins during the pregnancy to ensure their pups will be as healthy as they can be when they are born. The pups are hand delivered and cared for until ready for departure. They are well socialized and are made sure that they will have the best care by its new owner through screenings of interested clients. No pup will be sold for illegal or cruel purposes. All pups are vaccinated and de-wormed before leaving for its new home. It is accompanied with a puppy pack that includes registration papers (UKC, ADBA), shot records, vitamin packed and a small bag of food to keep them on the same diet. There is a health guarantee on all pups, meaning that it is the new owners responsibility to have the puppy checked out buy a vet once they receive the pup. There is a 48-hour time period for which this should be done. If anything should happen within this period in which the pup gets sick or dies then the buyer must immediately report this to Pitfall Kennels. In such a situation the buyer is given the choice of getting another pup or a full refund only if the cause of death was the fault of our kennel. This is a very rare case and has never happened for pups are shipped in a healthy state.

    Lastly the third section is the exercise field. Pitbull’s are very active and athletic dogs so here at Pitfalls we make sure that our dogs get the proper exercise they need to help keep them in great condition. We give each dog the opportunity to run and socialize with other dogs to keep them in a good mind frame. This is great for their temperaments and great for their bodies in all.

    If you are interested in a well-rounded and ultimate pit bull in all than look no further! We got what you’re looking for.